Search Engine Quick Facts

Less than 5 major Search Engines account for over 90% of search engine traffic. Make sure your website is submitted to each of these important engines!

Google alone accounts for over 50% of search engine traffic based on completely unique requirements that differentiate Google rankings from that of all other search engines. Make sure your site is optimized properly for ALL of the major search engines.

Search Engines send out "spiders" or "crawlers" to index web pages, which crawl from one link to the next. Including a site map on your web site provides a clearly linked path for the spider or crawler to follow.

Experts suggest that there are as many as 62 items that need to be checked prior to search engine submission.

Did you know that Search Engines (like Google, Lycos, AltaVista) are indexed by "robots" and Directories (like Yahoo and the Open Directory Project) are indexed by humans?

Search Engine Submission

Search Engine SubmissionOver 50% of shoppers use search engines to find products and services on-line. See our sidebar for a few other surprising facts about Search Engines and why they may be very important to the success of your business.

Search Engine Optimization and Submission are not for the "faint of heart". R2J2 Studios uses a combination of manual submission techniques with award winning software to ensure our clients receive the best possible advantage in this competitive environment.

Because Search Engine submission rules change daily, and each search engine and directory have different submission requirements, your online marketing strategy is best trusted to a professional. R2J2 Studios offers two packages for consideration:

Basic Package - $300

Query individual search engines and directories to determine preferred words and phrases for each search engine and directory.

  • Determine most relevant keywords and phrases
  • Optimize keywords and phrases for page titles
  • Optimize description
  • Enhance page content with keywords and key phrases
  • Submit 2 pages to the top search engines and directories

Advanced Package - $650

Our Basic Package plus page analysis against top ranking sites in the top directories and search engine.

  • Analyze keyword placement and frequency, total words, keyword weight and prominentce, and link popularityfor keywords and phrases, title, description and alt tags.
  • Update pages based on analysis
  • Submit two pages in accordance with the standards set by each Directory and Search Engine
  • Reanalyze monthly for two months and make changes to site for resubmission to Search Engines and Directories.

Getting your website optimized for search engine placement is the fourth step in establishing your online presence. If you have any questions about search engine optimization and submission for your website, we would be happy to answer them.